Tracking for Doin’ it and Hotter Than Too Many Degrees

The week before tracking and the night before tracking I got in touch with the writer of Doin’ It (Jimmy Love) and the co-writer of Hotter Than Too Many Degrees.  These are awesome songs and I would love to consider them for capstone options.  Throughout the week I worked on building up the bass lines and guitar for the song.  I played my Ibanez Stratocaster and my Washburn steel string acoustic to layer the guitar.  I did that in my project studio.   When I arrived at the SSL studio.  I had time re-track my bass line and also get some snare and kick samples for the song Doin’ It.  I used a d6 on the kick, and a SM57 for the snare an inch up and an inch in.  I plugged my bass in to the API 512 Pre with a roll off pad activated and then patched it into channel 25 of the SSL.  The bass was awesome and boomy.  I really liked the sound.  I had also checked out a Mesa Boogie Amplifier and speaker.  I was also fortunate enough to get to use a Gibson Les Paul Supra Deluxe electric guitar to track with for Hotter Than Too Many Degrees.  I miked the top Right cone of the Mesa speaker with an SM57.  The sound cut right through the track just how I wanted it to and made the song sound HOTTTT!  For vocals I had a mid-side technique set up with the NU87 for mid and a MXL2010 as my sides.  I also set up a little booth made of gobos.  I was all prepared for my singer to arrive at 1pm.  Unfortunately he did not show.  I decided to still use the time to record my own version of Hotter Than too Many Degrees.  The vocals turned out very rich.  I am really impressed by the sound quality of the NU87.  To check out pics follow the link,



Magic is Alive!! Great Tracking with Danielle Carter

 This week I was able to get my singer Danielle Carter to sing on Magic is Alive.  We did several takes.  We used a Neumann U87 in cardioid.  I kept doing the takes over and over until I could feel her notes in the sweet spot of  my spine.  Then we did a take with 2 MXL2010’s in Blumlein, then we did some takes with a R121 to bring out brightness and warmth in her voice..  I also recorded some Kick samples with a D6 and some snare samples with a SM57.

Recording in the Heat. Remixing the Districts!!


I really liked my final mix of the Districts song Vermont.  I spent hours mixing the vocals and doing panning, reverb, and delay automation.  After I finished I was really happy with how my mix sounded and I enjoyed the balance of sound.  Instead of messing up the arrangement I decided to put do three new verses.  It took a few hours to write the lyrics down.  I felt I would write about how an artist had to leave town and ways that the artist’s loved one could stay and touch.  Also the lyrics express to the loved one how the artist doesn’t want the loved one to be sad.

Remix Lyrics:

Our hearts beat together

and you’re sweet like a rose

On a winter day we cuddle up I the cold

We’ve gotten so thick

and I’ve got to admit

But now all I do is watch the clock tick

I guess I’m getting sick

Cause the world’s to big and the city’s too small

Too small

Specially when my dreams are way too tall

Goin’ on a trip to invest in the future

Hope you’re here when I’m back

Cause your bound to get cuter

I took this picture for you my dear

Hold it down till I see you next year

Verse 2

Sorry got to go

Baby please don’t cry

We can always text, Skype, or facetime

You know that I’m an artist and my income’s low

But in these other towns I’m bound to grow

And you got to know you’re in my dreams

I’m inviting you to be on my team

We can go down to New Orleans

Or the LA Scene

Hawaii has a great tourist Industry

Play music out in China

The we’ll hit Fiji

We’ll let the music take us where we want to be

But we’re leaving in a week.

Verse 3

Baby don’t Cry No

I want you to come with me

But you know I can’t stay for long


I recorded vocals on an MXL 2010 in my project studio.

I also recorded myself doing bird whistles.  I liked the feel of the whistle with delay and reverb.  It reminded to me of how birds have to fly and migrate.    It was also extremely hot on June 28th, 2014.  I believe the heat delirium helped me with the lyrics and creativity.   I finished mixing on the 29th and was very pleased.  I hope you enjoy it when I post it.  For reference tracks I used the Cure’s “Love Song”, “Love Cats”, and “Close to Me.”  I also referenced Kings of Leon songs:  Pyro and Radioactive.  Here’s a Link I hope you enjoy