Cleveland Soul: Suave Goddi and Revolution Brass Band (Prod. by Wesley Washington)

Cleveland Soul: Revolution Brass Band and Suave Goddi Freestyle (Prod. Wesley Washington)

We had a lot of fun during this Cleveland Soul Sunday Hosted by Stone the Butcher and Suave Goddi.  The Revolution Brass Band was Awesome. This was recorded with  SM 57’s collecting the ambient brass and Suave Goddi’s vocal . Kuddi’s tuba was  going directly into the focusrite 8 channel location recorder into protools.  The drummer provided his own kick mic.  The video was recorded with a GoPro Hero.  The L/R Monitor outputs of the Focusrites are being sent to the house PA 3&4 channel inputs and pumped out 2JBLs and subs.  We plan to record an original collaboration in the SSL in a few days.  Cleveland Soul Album 2017 Auditions are held at the Kultivation Theater on Sundays from 8pm-9pm.


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